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SSByte iPad POS

As an owner of a restaurant, diner, bar, bakery, coffee shop, or any similar food service industry, SSByte iPad POS gives you the edge to wow your customers by bringing the digital world to their dining table, while maintaining speedy service, accurate business process, and well controlled workflow.
SSByte POS is an iPad based Point of Sales system that takes the dining orders of your customers through a touch-screen interface passing them electronically to the kitchen or to the food preparation area, with full tracking of all transactions and billing processes. All your needs and requirements are fulfilled hence SSByte functionalities cover the full work cycle of your restaurant business:

  • iPad based mobility ordering;
  • Reservation system; Orders monitoring;
  • Invoicing covering all payment methods;
  • Loyalty points and reward program;
  • Workflow and results reporting;
  • Inventory management and supplier tracking;
  • Remote management;
  • & hundreds of other features and functionalities!
Product Details

Easy Clinic

  • A cloud based portal that manage Clinic daily operations.
  • Responsive to any device size; Your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile you are free.
  • Electronic Medical Records; PMH, diagnosis, visits history, treatment given, images and more.
  • Appointment Scheduling, Streamlined patient appointments with automatic reminders, follow-up scheduling.
  • SMS, Automated SMS reminder to notify patients with his appointment with web link confirmation or decline.
  • Billing & Payments, Manage patients invoices and payments.
  • Multilengual interface

Insurance Risk Survey

E-Survey portal came to enhance daily operation of Risk Surveys by:

  • Responsive to any device size; Your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile you are free.
  • No more papers any more, all process are done electronically
  • Desgin you work flow of risk survuey proccess to final approval
  • Advanced risk accomulation and risk intensity reports
  • Multilengual interface.