SSByte iPad POS

A Powerful Products!!

As an owner of a restaurant, diner, bar, bakery, coffee shop, or any similar food service industry, SSByte iPad POS gives you the edge to wow your customers by bringing the digital world to their dining table, while maintaining speedy service, accurate business process, and well controlled workflow.
SSByte POS is an iPad based Point of Sales system that takes the dining orders of your customers through a touch-screen interface passing them electronically to the kitchen or to the food preparation area, with full tracking of all transactions and billing processes. All your needs and requirements are fulfilled hence SSByte functionalities cover the full work cycle of your restaurant business:

  • iPad based mobility ordering;
  • Reservation system; Orders monitoring;
  • Invoicing covering all payment methods;
  • Loyalty points and reward program;
  • Workflow and results reporting;
  • Inventory management and supplier tracking;
  • Remote management;
  • & more of other features and functionalities!

SSByte iPad POS Features

SSByte is not just a Point of Sales system; it has many other features covering varied aspects of running a restaurant business and in the most convenient ways.

Multi Levels of Security and Permissions:

SSByte is a 100% secure as you can set up multiple users for your restaurant, decide who gets to use what features, and grant them permissions and authorizations accordingly. You can even assign tables to waiters on multi levels (floor, section, and table level) in which each can only view his/her assigned section, and you will be able to limit and track what each employee can do! All data are securely saved in your servers and in real-time manner, while instantly synchronized to all other iPad users and waiters.

Wide Customization Options:

You can define and change your menu items easily and freely, add images to them, put them in categories, assign a color to each category, define void orders reasons, add default items on open table, determine the default drop time for reserved tables with absent customers, and even set different colors to tables according to their statuses (Free, Taken, Reserved, etc…), along with lots of other varied customization options and features!

Custom Tables and Floor Design:

Through the detailed setup and customization options given to you in SSByte iPad POS, you will be able to prepare the tables’ layout and design on both floor level, and sections within the same floor. You will be astonished how the design on screen can be easily set to look exactly like the real view inside your restaurant!

Multiple Languages:

Items, categories, orders, and invoices are all supported with two languages where English is the default, and the other language can be any language of your choice. Orders can be taken in any language and printed out in the kitchen in the other language; all according to your own preferences and settings.

Inventory and Supplies Management:

Manage your stock items and set item quantity warning alerts as SSByte offers automatic calculation of quantities and inventory items, all in real-time mode; in addition to managing your supplier information, supply transactions and payments.

Loyalty and Reward Program:

You can set the loyalty points the way you like, and determine the reward and redeem policy easily. SSByte allows you to store your customers’ information, keep track of who's coming back and who’s a regular customer, along with what they are ordering, and what their reward or redeem order is for each number of points.

Reservation Management:

Through an easy to use interface in the system, you can record and follow up reservations, and also cancel them whenever needed. Reserved tables can be assigned different colors automatically for easier tracking, and tables with absent customers are automatically canceled upon drop time expiration, all according to your own settings.

Varied Business Reports:

The system is powered with several types of exportable reports intelligently designed for your restaurant business. It also provides exportable accounting reports that can be easily imported to your accounting system making it even easier! You can get detailed sales and total cash reports by their dates, categories, items, waiters, and within any period of time with history tracking options. Varied analytical reports are also customized for your convenience including deleted and void orders reports. A smart system with many advantageous business reports that you will not find in any other POS system around the world! Get to know more about them and contact us now…

Usability, Ease of Use, Ease of Access:

A point of sale is not very useful if the waiters can't take orders fast enough, or handle them accurately and error-free. With our simple yet powerful ordering interface, orders can be placed faster than ever. All order processing options are right there on the screen, well-organized, and beautifully displayed. All transactions can be easily executed including issuing multiple invoices per table, adding predefined flavors or notes or special requests to the order, voiding orders, transferring them, merging tables, and so on…

All Payment Methods:

Not only cash and credit card payments are available in the system, but redeeming invoices through loyalty points and guest payments for courtesy orders are also covered!

Cash Management and Accounts Transactions:

You can define accounts inside the system, and manage your cash amounts and payments by assigning them to cover other expenses accounts accurately, automatically, and easily.

Advanced Screens and Functions:

Whatever comes to your mind you’ll find it there in SSByte iPad POS. It is powered with custom screens to cover all business needs and possible scenarios, such as a screen to directly pass custom notes to the kitchen, food preparation area, bar or drinks sections. A waiter or a manager can any time pass direct notes to the stations according to the set authorizations and access permissions.

Remote Access is a Plus:

Though you don’t need to be connected through the net to run the system, you can still access it from anywhere and anytime. You’ll get to follow up and monitor your business even when you’re not in your restaurant.

Dedicated Support Team:

A dedicated team will be there all along through the installation process, training period, and technical support issues.

SSByte iPad POS Advantages

What does SSByte iPad POS offer to you? What does it offer to your customers? How can you make maximum benefit of it in your Restaurant Business? What makes it different than other POS systems?

No more paper:

Through SSByte iPad POS you’d be working in a paperless environment as all your orders will be taken and passed electronically through your iPads.

Follow up and monitor your business remotely:

SSByte iPad POS is a system standing on its own; once our team has setup the local wireless network in your restaurant, you’d be ready to go! It does not need any internet connection to function, yet you can access it from the net anytime and anywhere in order to keep track of what’s going on in your restaurant, even when you’re not there!

Increase your staff efficiency:

With the automatic monitoring of orders and tables along with the detailed reporting features, you’d know how many waiters you’d need to assign to each section or floor… No need for more than what is actually required! Your staff will no longer need to manually pass orders to kitchen nor passing invoices from cashiers to customers, thus allowing them to concentrate on what they do best… serving your customers!

Enjoy the flexible processing and monitoring of orders:

All statuses of orders and services are accurately covered and followed up such as reservations, cancellation, item voids, deletions, special requests, discounts, holds, notes, etc… Such processes and statuses are always available and can be easily customized according to your preferences. All payment methods are also covered through the system.

Save time, save manual effort, save running costs:

As a mobile POS, the ordering time is naturally minimized as orders are passed to the kitchen in one click. With the automatic tracking features, there will be no need for manual filing of orders or invoices, and no need for manual bookkeeping or tracking of inventory. All of this will definitely minimize errors or misinterpretations, as well as speed up order flow during peak customer service periods.

Quick service, higher turnover:

As all orders are taken, followed up, and processed automatically, you will get as many clients quickly and pleasantly served, and will have higher turnover of tables. The overall seating time per table will be reduced allowing more turnovers, more clients, and more orders.

Get accurate results in real-time:

The system is powered with unmatched analytical capabilities, and provides you with detailed clear reports; it also has alerts’ system, and allows you to track orders, supplies, stock items and inventory automatically and in real-time.

Get closer to your customers and win new ones:

SSByte iPad POS has Loyalty points and reward program. You can define the number of loyalty points for each item, and reward your regular and loyal customers accordingly.

Enjoy the whole package – All-in-One System:

As other POS system providers may sell you a reservation or delivery system separately, with SSByte you will get the whole package in a competitive price! A full reservation module is integrated in the system, along with e-menu application for your customers, and other sub-modules embedded altogether!