Secure Systems Byte For Technology

About us:

SSByte was founded by a team of IT consultant in variety business fields.

We have over 15 years in Global Financial services and solutions to include serving a million end user of Online Forex Trading System, Insurance Systems and mobility solutions.

SSByte Mobility solutions had come a long way as over the past period it has proven its potentials, its security, speed, and accuracy. Our mobility solutions has shown high stability, and gained admirable acceptance amongst business’ owners and their customers, hence got great testimonials from SSByte clients.

SSByte Mission

We have an unwavering focus on delivering admirable IT solutions that motivate many other business owners to embrace them to run their businesses.

SSByte Vision

Our main vision here at SSByte is to make customers’ business prosper by bringing to the world a portfolio of top quality IT solutions for all business sectors, to the level that we become number one destination for them, and an inspiration to our peers in this field.